Asia Exhibition & Conventions

Asia Exhibitions & Conventions (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated in 2007 and the main objective is to provide an excellent and tailor-made service for the Event Management, which revolves in organizing Exhibitions, Events and Conventions to the utmost satisfaction and convenience of every customer who needs the service.

We study the intricacies of the brand, identifying the target audience devising the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event. Post-event analysis and ensuring a return on investment have become significant drivers for the event.

Our company has been successful in organizing the events such as Trade Fairs, Consumer Fairs, Product launches, Gala Dinners, Special Celebrity Entertainment, Musical Shows, Conferences, Conventions, Weddings, Concerts, Promotional Campaigns, Media Launches, Dinner Dances, Fashion Shows etc and a host of other events to suit the Individuals and corporate clients with limited budgets, to handling all creative, technical and logistical aspects of the event.

Our professional expertise have taken us to the next level of international standards and thereby showcasing our talents to meet the requirements of our clients whose expectations are to satisfy the needs of overseas customers.

Seylan Colombo Motor Show

The Seylan Colombo Motor Show 2018 now in its 11th edition organized by Asia Exhibition & Conventions (Pvt) Ltd has reached a level of maturity and positioned itself as the largest International automotive event in Sri lanka. Over the years, The Seylan Colombo Motor Show has proved over the years its capacity to bring together a large representation of the motor industry’s leading automotive manufacturers.

We are very proud to inform that we were the exhibition organizer who organized the Motor Car and Motor Accessories show at grand level with over 70,000 crowd turn over visited the event. Our objective was to bring the industry up without further collapse and finally, we succeeded the event with very high potentials to its participants.

This exhibition is an annual event organized by us to bring all leading suppliers related to the Motor industry under one roof with high potentials. Apart from that all international and local suppliers & buyers will be invited along with the general public. This Year Seylan Colombo Motor Show has comprised the following functions to absorb more visitors.

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